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Professional Wedding Vow Editing

"Working with Britt was seamless and a wonderful experience. She helped provide valuable feedback for my wedding vows and I really appreciate the sincerity with her work and communication. I would definitely recommend!" - Meghan

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Wedding Vow Editing

You've written your vows, but something still doesn't feel quite right. Perhaps there's one part of your vows that's giving you a hard time or something feels like it's missing. Whatever the case may be, I am happy to help you polish your vows into something you'll truly love.

Whether you are seeking out basic edits and feedback or complete rewrites and revisions, I can take all of the emotions you've spilled onto the page and help you create a masterpiece. 

Who Should Hire a Vow Editor?

The most common concern facing my clients who need vow writing edits is a need for stronger flow and organization. They know what they want to say and the emotions they want to capture, but struggle to organize all of their thoughts.  

If you struggle with any of the following, a vow editor may be best for you:

  • You've written your vows, but you want a professional to look it over and give you feedback for making them stronger. 

  • You need help organizing your thoughts. 

  • You're feeling uncertain about what you've written. 

If you already have your thoughts and emotions down on paper, hiring a vow writing editor is the next best step to creating the best version of your vows. 

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The Vow Editing Process

Step 1. Select Your Package

Choose from the package options below and send me a copy of your vows. 

Step 2. Vow Assessment

All vows receive grammatical edits, feedback on flow and word choice, and advice on any problem areas. In addition, I provide full revisions and rewrites based on your need and desire. 

Step 3. Feedback

Once the first draft is complete, I will send it your way for feedback. During this step, I want to hear what you love and where you'd like to see additional edits. Don't hesitate to send me as much feedback as you'd like! 

Step 4. Revisions & Finalization

All of my vow writing and editing packages come with unlimited revisions. I don't stop working until you have vows you adore! 

Vow Editing Pricing

Feedback | Grammar & Spelling | Revisions & Rewrites | Unlimited Word Count | Unlimited Revisions


*This pricing does not include a video call. Please see vow writing services for a video call. 

* Interested in full-service or custom wedding writing packages? 

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