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Coaching & Editing

Professional Coaching & Editing

"Just had [an] amazing time working with Britt for Phase 1 of my YA Novel and quickly rehired her to exploit momentum. My original idea and Britt’s natural empathy, listening skills, targeted coaching, and strong writing has resulted in the dawn of a tangible story. Britt’s insight has turned my “jumble” into a real plan for a well-crafted novel... Her greatest impact is building out a predictable workflow leading to a predictable outcome. I thought I’d found a great writer/coach. I actually found a skillful writing partner and architect."
-Joel Z.


Why Hire a Writing Coach?

While I may be a bit biased, I believe that writing a novel is one of the most difficult journeys anyone can choose to embark upon. Between plot development, character development, outlines, research, etc., it can quickly turn into a monumental task. 

As a writing coach, it's my job to help you identify a plan with meaningful action steps to help you move through the process with more clarity and greater follow-through. Instead of worrying about what to do next, you'll have a clear plan and a partner in the process to help you stay on track. In addition, we will discuss tools and strategies to get through key aspects of the writing process, including character interviews and emotion elicitation. 

Already familiar with the writing process but simply struggle to stay on task? I can serve as an accountability coach, enabling you to hit every deadline and talking you through roadblocks throughout the process. 

My Coaching Philosophy

Writing coaching is a personalized way to support you in achieving your writing goals. As a writing coach, I can assist you in identifying your writing strengths and build upon your writing weaknesses. 

The writing process is complex and deeply personal, with various ways to reach most writing goals. It is my job to help you enhance your writing skills, build upon your resources, and further develop your creative thinking process as you work toward a complete manuscript. I work to provide tools that may help you in your writing process, ask deep questions that help you work through difficult writing challenges, and strategize action plans that enable you to successfully reach your writing goals. 

At the end of the coaching agreement, my goal isn't just for you to walk away with a complete manuscript, but to feel empowered to make informed decisions and take productive action on every writing project you tackle moving forward. 

Why Hire an Editor?

Checking Text on a Document

"You'll learn that the key to a great book is editing - grinding, buffing, and polishing - not writing." - Guy Kawasaki 

I'm not sure I agree with Guy's quote in a pure sense. I tend to believe that there are two keys to a great book: great writing and great editing. However, it takes an incredibly gifted writer to edit their own work. Even the best writers (Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood) acknowledge the work of the editors who helped them polish their books into something great. Editors offer a new perspective and are often able to pick up on plot holes, flow issues, and grammatical editing issues that the writer may overlook. 

Every book needs to go through a professional editing process before being published. Having a trusted editor on your team is one more resource to help you achieve your dream of becoming a published author. 

My Editing Process

Book Pages

Every good editing process begins with a strong developmental edit. During this process, I will assess your manuscript from the perspective of structure and flow. My primary goal at this stage is to identify potential plot holes and inconsistencies in tone or target audience, and to point out any glaring grammatical and punctuation errors. Developmental editing should always come prior to a full manuscript edit to avoid needing two rounds of copyediting. 

Copyediting is the next step in the process. During this step, we will take a closer look at grammar, punctuation, and other common mistakes in a fully written manuscript. This is sometimes known as line editing, and you can expect this round of edits and revisions to focus on the more minute details. 

For developmental editing, think big picture! We will focus on all the elements to make your story feel complete and flow seamlessly. For copyediting, think details! We will focus on all the small things that can give your manuscript the final polish it needs to be ready for publishing! 

Coaching + Editing Packages

The Works

This package includes: 

  • Ten 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Between-session accountability

  • Developmental editing & copyediting for full manuscript

*Starts at $5,000


This package includes: 

  • Ten 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Between-session accountability

  • Developmental editing & partial copyediting for full manuscript

*Starts at $4,000

Developmental Coaching

This package includes: 

  • Ten 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Between-session accountability

  • Developmental editing for full manuscript

*Starts at $3,000

*All writing coaching + editing packages are fully customizable. Let's set up a time to discuss your needs!

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