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Professional Wedding Speeches

"Britt is so awesome to work with. She is truly passionate with writing and will work with you until everything is perfect."

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Why Hire a Wedding Speech Writer?

Giving a speech at a wedding can be an intimidating and stress-inducing moment, but it doesn't need to be. As a wedding speech writer, I will work with you to pull out the best of your relationship with the bride(s) or groom(s) to create a humorous, sentimental, and captivating speech that will bring both tears and laughter, should you desire it be so. 

I can help with any speech type: 

  • Best Man Speeches

  • Maid of Honor Speeches

  • Father and Mother Speeches

  • Thank You Speeches

Who Should Hire a Wedding Speech Writer?

Wedding speeches are most traditionally given during the reception. However, I've helped folks with speeches for the rehearsal dinner and during the ceremony. Throughout a wedding, there are several different people who may benefit from a wedding speech writer: 

  • Father of the Bride Speech

  • Father of the Groom Speech

  • Mother of the Bride Speech

  • Mother of the Groom Speech

  • Best Man Speech

  • Maid of Honor Speech

  • Officiant Speech

  • Bride and/or Groom (Thank You Speech)

In addition to these folks, there are always opportunities for other friends and family members to give a toast to acknowledge the happy couple! 

People who benefit most from a wedding speech writer are those who want to write an engaging speech with a compelling blend of sentiment and humor. As a wedding speech writer, it is my job to ensure that your speech brings the newlyweds to tears in more ways than one.

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The Wedding Speech
Writing Process

Step 1. Video Call

We will meet 1-1 to discuss your relationship with the couple and all the things you love about them. If you're not sure where to start or what to include, that's no problem. After years of writing wedding speeches, I know what questions to ask to get you to a meaningful, impressive, and heartfelt wedding speech. 

Step 2. Wedding Speech Writing

Once I have all of the information to craft your speech, I start writing! My goal is to capture the essence of your feelings for the couple in your authentic and genuine voice. If you're playful and funny, expect that to be reflected in your wedding speech. If you have a special connection to the couple through country music or a favorite movie, expect lyrics and movie quotes to make their way into your wedding speech.  When it's all said and done, your wedding speech will wow both the couple and the crowd. 

Step 3. Feedback

Once the first draft is complete, I will send it your way for feedback. During this step, I want to hear what you love and where you'd like to see edits. Don't hesitate to send me as much feedback as you'd like! 

Step 4. Revisions & Finalization

All of my speech writing and editing packages come with unlimited revisions. I don't stop working until you have a wedding speech you adore! 

Wedding Speech Pricing

Wedding Speech Writing

Wedding Speech Editing

  • One-hour video call 

  • Unlimited word count

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Tips and pointers for delivering your speech

  • Feedback

  • Grammar & Spelling

  • Revisions & Rewrites

  • Unlimited Word Count

  • Unlimited Revisions

Have a speech written and just need some feedback? I can help with that, too! All editing packages come with the following: 



* Interested in full-service or custom wedding writing packages? 

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