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Professional Wedding Vows

"Britt is so awesome to work with. She is truly passionate with writing and will work with you until everything is perfect."


Why Hire a Vow Writer?

Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. Between finalizing the seating arrangement, picking up flowers, and last-minute dress and tux alterations, it's easy for your vows to slip lower on your to-do list. 

Yet, when you really boil it down, your vows are some of the most important words your spouse will ever hear you say. They help lay the foundation of what your relationship will look like for the rest of your lives. This realization can feel heavy and is often where people get stuck; you know how you feel, but you don't know how to express those emotions in words.


This is where I can help! 

Whether you want to find a creative way to incorporate every single love song you both have ever danced to, or just want a more simple, profound way to express your devotion to your soulmate, I will make it happen! 

Who Should Hire a Vow Writer?

The most common concern facing my clients is that they know how they feel, they just don't know how to capture those emotions in words. Emotion-driven writing is one of the most difficult writing styles, so it's not surprising that many people struggle to find the right words for their vows. 

If you've struggled with any of the following as you develop your vows, hiring a professional vow writer may be just what you need: 

  • How do I put my emotions into words?

  • How do I avoid writing something generic? 

  • How can I meet my fiancé's expectations? 

  • What should I include in my vows? 

  • Help! My wedding is just a few days away. Can you help me pull this together? 

Just about anyone can benefit from working with a wedding vow writer. It's my job to help you find the perfect message to honor your relationship with your soulmate. 

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The Vow Writing Process

Image by Hannah Busing

Step 1. Video Call

We will meet 1-1 to discuss your relationship and what you love about your partner. If you're not sure where to start or what to include, that's no problem. After years of writing vows, I know what questions to ask to get you to a meaningful, impressive, and heartfelt set of vows. 

Step 2. Vow Writing

Once I have all of the information to craft your vows, I start writing! My goal is to capture the essence of your relationship in a voice that is authentic and genuine to you. You're playful and humorous? Great, expect to see a few playful lines. You both have an obsession with country music? Awesome, I'll incorporate some lyrics. When it's all said and done, your vows will tell the story of you and your partner. 

Step 3. Feedback

Once the first draft is complete, I will send it your way for feedback. After having a deep conversation about your fiancé and seeing the vows in writing, it's common for folks to think of something they'd like to add or adjust. During this step, I want to hear what you love and where you'd like to see edits. Don't hesitate to send me as much feedback as you'd like! 

Step 4. Revisions & Finalization

All of my vow writing and editing packages come with unlimited revisions. I don't stop working until you have vows you adore! 

Vow Writing Pricing

One-hour video call  | Unlimited word count | Unlimited revisions | Tips and pointers for delivering your vows


* Interested in full-service or custom wedding writing packages? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from this experience? 

Every person's experience is as unique as their individual love story. While the process is the same for each person, the conversation during the consultation, the revision process, and the vows themselves are completely customized to the individual. As a trained writing coach, I attune my approach to each person and their needs, asking curious and insightful questions aimed at creating a unique and stunning set of vows. 

We start with a video call where my goal is to learn more about your love story, the things you love about one another, and the aspects of your relationship that make you feel alive. I take note of everything you say, which I then turn into your own set of custom wedding vows. 

Many of my clients tell me that the process was a fun and relieving experience in which they got a chance to relive the best parts of their relationship. Through my vow writing service, I strive to capture the depth and beauty of every relationship I encounter within the custom wedding vows I write. 

What do the other folks you've worked with say about your services?

"Everything was great. Britt did exactly what she said she would do throughout the entire process and never left me questioning anything. The final product was great, and I'm looking forward to giving the speech." - Corey

"Great experience! She took extra time to make sure everything was right, and I really appreciate that!" - Bill

"Working with Britt was seamless and a wonderful experience. She helped provide valuable feedback for my wedding vows, and I really appreciate the sincerity with her work and communication. I would definitely recommend!" - Meghan

"Appreciate that Britt was willing to work with me under tight timelines. I found her to be very responsive and gave some great feedback on my vows." - Janine

I already started my wedding vows, I just need help perfecting them. Can you help?

Yes! I do offer vow editing services. Depending on your needs, I can offer everything from a quick edit to make sure everything is flowing nicely all the way up to revisions and rewrites to make sure your vows are seamless. 

Do you offer other wedding writing services? 

Yes! I offer several different wedding writing services, all of which are listed below: 

  • Vow Editing: This is for folks who have already written their vows, but want a professional polish.

  • Wedding Speeches: Think maid of honor, best man, father of the bride, etc. I can help you craft a beautifully-written speech!

  • Wedding Scripts: This include ceremony scripts, as well as the "how we met" story that can be used both in your ceremony and on your wedding website!

What's included in the revision?

Everything! I will continue to edit, revise, and rewrite until you are 100% satisfied with your vows. 

On average, how many revisions does it take to get to a final set of vows?

Over the past 2.5 years of writing vows, my average number of revisions is 1.5! While I'd like to take full credit for this average, it's largely due to the amount of quality information provided by you that helps me write the perfect, custom wedding vows!

Help! My wedding is this weekend! Can you help me write my vows in a rush?

Fret not! Barring vacations, I am able to take rush orders. Due to demand, there is a small fee associated with rush orders, but I am available to help you get the perfect set of wedding vows just in time for your big day!

What document formatting do you use? 

My preference is to use Microsoft Word throughout the process. This allows me to use track changes for any vow writing revisions or edits. However, I am flexible to the needs of my clients. 

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