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Britt Leigh Writes

Writing Coach &

Developmental Editor


Working with a writing coach will help you gain clarity, address your writing needs, build on your strengths, and develop an action plan to meet your writing goals. If you're:

  • a first-time writer looking to complete your first book,

  • stuck on an idea you want to get out of your head,

  • fighting writer's block on a regular basis,

  • craving guidance on how to approach your manuscript,

  • or looking for feedback on your drafts,

then it's time you invest in your writing journey! 

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Developmental Editing

A developmental editor offers a fresh set of eyes to help you address plot holes, build character arcs, improve character development, and develop a strong story structure. This service is perfect for people who: 

  • have just completed their first draft and feedback.

  • are stuck on specific structural or plot issues. 

  • are having trouble with a character's journey.

  • are struggling to connect multiple story concepts. 

Freelance Writing

  • Are you looking for a writing partner or potential ghostwriter for your writing project? 

  • Do you need a blog writer for your company or business website?

  • Are you looking for a copywriter to help you with emails or newsletters?

Check out my writing page for available writing packages and let's work to bring your vision to life!

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What People are Saying

"Just had an amazing time working with Britt for Phase 1 of my YA Novel & quickly rehired her to exploit momentum & tackle the next 50 pages. My original ideas & Britt's natural empathy, listening skills, targeted coaching, and strong writing has resulted in the dawn of a tangible story. Britt's insight has turned my "jumble" into a real plan for a well-crafted novel.

Joel / Coaching & Writing/ First Novel

"Britt is the best! She captures my thoughts and fills in the rest. I'm so pleased I found her. Great communication and easy to work with."

K.D./ Editing / Short Story

"Fantastic experience. Well-planned sessions with solid progress and take-aways on the project."

Jake/ Coaching / First Novel


For any inquiries, please contact me at:

Tel: 484-868-9624 |

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