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Last Minute Wedding Vows: How to Pull Your Vows Together Fast

Did you wait until the last minute to write your wedding vows? Are you someone who will likely wait until the last minute to write your vows? No sweat. Follow this simple five-step outline to write your wedding vows on a short timeline.

Open your wedding vows with a compliment or acknowledgment.

A simple and easy way to start off your vows is to compliment your spouse or acknowledge your wedding day in some way. Many people struggle to get their vows started, struggling to find the perfect line to open their vows. This strategy takes the guesswork out of it. Try this exercise: put yourself in the moment you will see your spouse for the first time on your wedding day. As you envision that moment, write down the emotions you feel. Allow this to be a springboard to writing the opening sentence of your vows. You only need one to two sentences to get your vows started.

Groom waiting for bride
Photo cred: Timothee Pons


  • “All the hours and days we spent planning our wedding day could never have prepared me for the joy I felt seeing you walk down the aisle toward me.”

  • “Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more in love with you, you stepped in front of me today to become my forever.”

Identify what you love most about your spouse.

When writing your vows, you really want to emphasize the things that made you fall in love with your spouse. Here, you’ll want to focus the spotlight entirely on the other person. Bonus points for mentioning things that have nothing to do with you, like their compassion or generosity. In general, this paragraph should be three to five sentences long and highlight why you feel this person will make an amazing partner in your life.


  • “I didn’t just fall in love with all the things you do for me; I fell in love with the way you made me feel: loved, seen, heard, and appreciated.”

  • “There is something magnetic about the way you freely give of yourself, and you inspire everyone around you to grow in their own generosity.”

  • “You are a flame that lights the candles around you, making sure that everyone else’s flames are flickering before turning your attention to yourself.”

  • “I love the goofy side of you that no one gets to see—the side of you that laughs with your whole body, infecting me with your joy and happiness.”

Identify what you love most about being in a relationship with your spouse.

Bride and Groom being silly
Photo Cred: Devon Divine

This paragraph should focus on the things that make your relationship together unique. One way to quickly accomplish this is to think of the first five words you would use to describe your relationship. Then, turn those words into five quick sentences that highlight those things. For example, you might say that the five words that best describe your relationship are comfort, passion, laughter, support, and quality time. Then, you’d use these words to create five cohesive sentences. For example:


“Our relationship is based on a foundation of support and ensures that no matter what we face in this life, we will never face it alone. The passion we share for life, for our dreams, and for each other motivates me to get up every morning and fuels me in a way I’ve never experienced. In your arms, I have found the most perfect sense of comfort and peace from the chaos of the outside world. In your smile, I have found the purest form of laughter and humor that fills my mind with the beautiful memories of our favorite moments together. From splashing one another with soapy water while we do the dishes to taking lavish vacations to Greece, you are the person I want to spend all my time with for the rest of my life.”


Emphasize what you are most looking forward to in the future.

The question you want to answer here is: What are you most excited about in your future together? It could be absolutely anything, from simple moments of easy connection to exciting trips to far-off places. What matters is that you focus on what it is about your future together that makes you want to marry this person in the first place. This paragraph should be at least two to three sentences.



  • “I’m excited to grow old with you, to appreciate the story behind every wrinkle, and to remind you of what makes our love special every chance I get.”

  • “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, to watch you become a parent (to a dog or to a baby), to celebrate life’s wins with you, to help you achieve your dreams, and to be there when life gets hard. Through it all, I know that a future filled with you is a future filled with love and happiness.”


List your promises.  

Don’t forget the most important part! Your promises/vows are the most crucial part of your wedding vows! Often, I like to include a mixture of sentiment and humor in your promises. Still, they should all be promises that you intend to keep and hold meaning to you and your spouse. Five to ten promises is the average, and the best way to come up with these promises is to ask yourself questions such as:

Grooms running together
Photo Cred: Maico Pereira
  • How will you support your spouse?

  • How will you show your spouse you love them?

  • How will you inspire your spouse?


  • “I promise to love you through every tragic Eagles loss and remind you that there will always be another season.”

  • “I promise to support you in every endeavor you take on to show that I am here for you no matter what comes our way and to be an unstoppable force that pushes you to become your best self.”

Last-minute wedding vows don’t have to be intimidating. By following this outline, you can create beautifully written wedding vows at the last minute and still wow your spouse and your guests.

Need more help? If you are still struggling to pull your vows together in a way that you love, I can help! Reach out here to connect so we can write you the perfect set of wedding vows for your big day!

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Catherine Thompson
Catherine Thompson
Feb 06

This is such a helpful outline. Really appreciate the breakdown and the accompanying questions!

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