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Sleepy stories are full of vivid details that provide a calming setting to help lure you to sleep.

The loose powdered snow crunched softly under his boots, prompting him to pull his thick flannel jacket tight around his barreled chest. Ax in hand, he ambled down the wooded path, a cloud of warm breath, leaving a lengthy trail behind him. Though the warmth of his soft-lit home beckoned for his return, he moved forward, searching for a recently fallen tree amongst the bare trunks scattered across the pristine backdrop of his property. The light snow peppered his nose and layered his fiery red beard with a soft frozen blanket.

He smiled, remembering her giggle the first time she saw him covered in snow, saying that he reminded her of a majestic Santa Claus. The word majestic rolled off her tongue like a love poem written only for him, and he knew that moment that she was the woman he’d spend his life with.

He let out a slow breath as he turned his attention back to the snow-filled woods. The soft ice crystals fell unevenly from the tops of the towering trees, drifting between the branches before falling in patchy piles on the leaf-covered ground. A rotted oak tree leaned precariously against a patch of oak saplings just a few feet ahead. He moved gracefully toward the tree, ready to provide for the woman waiting in the warmth for him to return. A small shrub, powdered in a thin layer of the frosty icing, shook voraciously as a stunning orange fox emerged from its depths just a few feet down the icy path. His deep, rusted color stood out against the canvassed backdrop of the woods. The cool blue hue of the moon fell across the tranquil face and gentle beauty of the fox, as if nature were showcasing his majesty in its luminescent spotlight. For a few moments, the pair stared at one another, soaking in the majesty of one another’s orange glow.

He wasn’t sure why, but he felt a deep and intimate connection to the stunning animal sitting quietly in slowly rising snow. He waited patiently, respecting the creature’s right to enjoy a snowy evening stroll. A few moments passed, and the fox slinked slowly down the trail without a sound, leaving only its tracks as evidence of its presence in the woods.

A gust of wind blew a small branch from the tree canopy above, falling to the ground with a soft thud and reminding him that there was still work to be done. Gripping the ax tighter, he moved toward the fallen tree, gathering his energy to chop it into the pieces required to provide warmth to his home. He brought the ax down on the thick tree, chipping away chunks of wood to fill his log carrier. Scooping up the last of his load, he noticed several stray pieces lying across one another in a miraculous pattern.

A loving plan grew in his mind as he added the pieces to his carrier and crunched his way back toward his woodshop. He gathered a few extras from their storage closet before returning to the shop, where he wielded a hammer and nails to mold a masterpiece of customized perfection. Without disturbing his wife, he snuck back out into the blistering snowstorm and carefully positioned his gift atop their towering evergreen tree.

A warm rush of pot-roast scented air greeted him as he walked into his home, remnants of another delectable dinner. He winked at his waiting wife, who sat patiently on the couch, anxious for him to join her for a bout of evening snuggles. He worked meticulously on the fire until it roared to life, sending an excited smile dancing across his wife’s lips. She patted the soft microfiber blanket lying across her lap, but he gently shook his head and meandered instead into their kitchen.

The sounds of Frank Sinatra filled the air, enticing his wife to rise and join him. She laughed softly as he pulled her into his arms, enchanting her into a slow and steady dance. The duo moved effortlessly, swaying along to the sounds of their favorite love songs. With each step, he coaxed them toward the grand picture window that framed a spectacular view of their lush evergreen tree. A bright wooden star adorned its peak, glowing majestically against the sparkling white confetti that fluttered softly to the ground.

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