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Writing is Magic

The magic of writing is undeniable. Writers have the ability to send people to galaxies far away, build castles that float in the clouds, and bring the dead back to life. In addition to these strange new worlds, our words hold the power to draw tears from our readers’ eyes, force laughter from the depths of their stomach, or make them cringe behind the pillows they clutch in fear.

Writing Prompt: What magic awaits your reader if they step into the light?
Writing Prompt: What magic awaits your reader if they step into the light?

Our words.

Our words build relationships with characters our readers never want to put down. They force our readers to see the world through our eyes, and sometimes, they change people for the better.

Never mistake that, as a writer, you hold incredible power at your fingertips. Each keystroke, each backspace, each punctuation point is able to change the world, one reader at a time.

And with this power is the responsibility to continuously learn and grow in this craft. Our work as writers is never done, and we owe it to our readers to keep learning and growing.

We owe it to ourselves.

This process of learning and growing is on the path many choose not to follow. It requires failure, critical feedback, and long hours, but there is magic in the hard days. The easiest way to get through is to surround yourself with support. Join a writers’ group, find an accountability buddy, and let your friends and family know about your writing goals. Reaching out to others is adaptive. It helps you persevere through the hard times and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Writing prompt: What magic is in your story?

With the support of others, improving our craft becomes worlds easier. Read books about writing. (Have you read Stephen King’s On Writing?) Write. Take online editing classes. Keep writing. Submit your work for critical feedback. Then, write more. To write is to keep the magic alive.

So, what ideas do you have in your head just itching to see themselves dance across a fresh sheet of white paper? I challenge you to set them free, to let them boldly fashion themselves into a work of art so magical that it can’t help but be shared with the world.

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