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As a professional storyteller with over a decade of writing experience in a variety of genres, I have no shortage of imagination. With an undying devotion to the written word, it has become my passion to bring words to life.

The writing process is personal and unique to each individual. My goal is to be flexible with your needs while making the process fun and enjoyable! 


Are you ready to write your book or start your writing project but don't know how to get started? OR have you gotten off to a good start but now feel like you are getting caught in the weeds? 

No matter the ailment plaguing your writing process, I can help!


As a certified Life Coach with years of writing experience, I specialize in helping first-time writers achieve their writing goals! 


I have a Master's degree in Education and over ten years of experience proofreading and copy-editing a variety of documents including blog posts, professional presentations, e-mails, and marketing materials. 

Many of my editing projects include textbooks, blogs, educational articles, and creative non-fiction pieces. 

If you are in need of an editor, I would love to help! 

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