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Spreading Local Love - Week 4

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Theresa

Here it is! This week’s roundup of all the beautiful good happening in our local communities!

1. Brian’s Dots

Photo: Brian Delozier

Brian is an incredible dot artist (yes, you read that right!). He creates stunning pieces of art by drawing thousands of tiny dots to create his images. They are raw, and colorful, and stunning. The best part, they are now being printed on bandanas!

Last week, Brian announced the exclusive dot bandanas that he is selling for $10 each. 100% of the proceeds go to Feeding America!

I purchased two, and they are absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend his work. You can find the bandanas and other stunning work at

2. Give Back Lehigh Valley

Photo: Aurora Brunovsky

Last week, Giving Back Lehigh held a 48-hour challenge to raise enough money to donate 1000 masks to those in need. After the 48 hours were over, they found themselves with the ability to give 1300 masks to vulnerable people in the Lehigh Valley!

On Giving Tuesday, they donated diapers and baby wipes to Turning Point of Lehigh Valley. This organization happens to be founded by a Penn State alum with a big heart and a passion for giving back. Give Back Lehigh Valley is always running fundraisers to help folks throughout the Lehigh Valley who find themselves in need.

If you want to keep up with their work, you can follow them on Facebook @GiveBackLehighValley or at

Photo: Geoff Pezon

3. Geoff Pezon Weekly Workouts

Geoff Pezon is a kind and generous soul who also happens to have a passion for Saturday morning workouts. Each week, through his Instagram account, he leads a hard-hitting HIIT workout to keep all of his followers in shape during this quarantine.

He pairs all of his workouts with great music and a ton of energy. The best part, he does all of this for FREE and with no expectations in return. Before the lockdown took place, Geoff could be found at Equinox leading Indoor Cycling classes. It’s definitely worth the watch!

You can follow his workouts on Instagram at @gpezon.

4. Chris Zaj Weekly Jam Sessions

Photo: OG Split

The lead singer of one of my favorite local bands, Funzaluv, has teamed up with some of his old bandmates to bring us music gold regularly. The OG Split ‘gets together’ via the magic of the internet to bring their followers awesome covers and spirited entertainment.

You can’t go wrong with some of their videos, as they each bring their fun and unique personalities to the videos. Through all of this craziness, sometimes a handful of goofy personalities and a familiar song helps keep you grounded.

You can check them through Chris’s Facebook by searching for @ChrisZaj! OR you can follow the OG Split directly @OGSplit2020.

5. Mindi Hoagey

Photo: 6ABC

Hailed a local hometown hero, Mindi is an impressive human being. She starts each morning making meals for those most vulnerable in Montgomery County. She dedicates almost all of her free time to cooking and delivering meals to those in need.

But her day doesn’t end there. After cooking all morning, Mindi heads to Pottstown Hospital, where she is an ER nurse. Often, she works in 12-hour shifts after long mornings, cooking, and delivering food. This is the kind of love and care for others we should all aspire to!

That’s this week’s roundup! I hope they inspire you to do good and get involved in your community!

Of course, there are so many more people doing great things in our local communities that I plan to highlight every week! If you know a business or person who is doing something remarkable in their local community, please shoot me an email at so that I can add them to my list!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and always care for others.

Happy helping!

Britt Leigh

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